The Four Chairs


Imagine to be a beautiful chair wrapped in a velvety, silky ribbon surrounded by two other chairs resembling you, and there is a fourth chair not as pretty as you, it has some flaws- its legs have been partially eaten by borers, its top is cracked, moulded and covered in a thick layer of dust.
None of the chairs want to be near that monstrous piece of wood but they are forced to do it so. They despise the fact that something can have defects, or any sort of disfigurement, that is why they don’t waste their time making the existence of the faulty chair burning poignant hell. The cracked furniture puts on a brave face, making an effort to get along with its companions, embracing the whole situation, treating it is as a challenge. As you may have expected, its bravery and so called optimism fades away leaving a blemished chair lonely, unwanted, hurt and unloved. It desperately craves a change but its to exhausted to begin a new and unknown journey, therefore
it commits suicide leaving all of its written notes, thoughts and drawn art behind it.
The three remaining chairs wake up finding pieces of their mate scattered over the attic. They call for its removal, admire its artwork, contemplate for a short while and move on with their pitiful lives trying to find another victim.
It could have ended up differently.


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