The Journey

Surreal thoughts

Stained fingers by leaking black treacly ink. Disappointment and confusion caused by an empty pen. Ink dries like varnish on the steep stairs making it easy to reach the top without hardships of life.  

Young, exuberant and fearless me… I enjoy every second of glory paired with admiration from others.

I’m surrounded by loving “ticks”, I’ve forgotten FELLOW SOULS, and abandoned them mercilessly. What a fool of me?!

Thankful to the CREATOR, I express eternal gratitude for my superior life – I’m finally living my dream!!!

Suddenly, my heart slowly stops beating, I try screaming but what comes out is a squeaky sound. 
I fall down, down to the bottom of the shiny almost newly ink coated stairs. I crack my skull open, I drown in a pool my own blood gasping for air. 

FELLOW SOULS appear hearing my yelping. They pick up my lifeless corpse gazing at it with pity.

Oh Lord… Bless them as they take a good care in the name of old times.


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