My miserable time at work…

Life is real

Sometimes, my brain “feels like porridge”, I swear it does, however ridiculous it sounds. “Porridge brain” happens when to many things occupy my world, when personal problems and dilemmas gather together, when lovely and dear people who are above me at work cause me to scream internally (they just love the moments of making other people’s lives miserable), and on the top of that my laptop passed away…. R.I.P.

Coming back to the topic of work…
I try to separate work matters from my personal life but it’s not always easy. Especially, when you try really hard to do your best and your senior shadows you hunting for the things which could have been done the way they like. Well, I guess it’s a joy of having something called ‘a pecking order’ in the place where you earn dimes for a living…


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