The Skull

Surreal thoughts

I opened a little white draw and I’ve found a skull with a broken nose. Tears were pouring down the white and beautiful skinless cheekbones.
“My Love”, I said,- ” I thought, I’ve lost You forever, the world seems to be worthless without you….”
After that, I cried, cried and cried until I couldn’t catch my breath. I wanted to suffocate badly to stop feeling the pain which was bursting with flames inside me. My pure intention was to release the scream which was trapped inside my chest, so I made a very brave decision to cut my non- royal veins but after I familiarised myself with the ‘side effects’ of that sinful action I said to my dear pale friend- “…no… look, I’ve found you and I won’t let you go because I’m scared of ending my pitiful existence due to the unknown future.
What happens with the soul when it evaporates into thin air?
I acquired a piece of leather and I am going it to sew it onto your silky white surface to make you mine… We will travel around the world, we will see the beautiful things, listen to the orchestra…. We will make new acquaintances with THEM.

Skulls…fragile and beautiful boxes of precious minds.


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