The Three Preying Monsters

Surreal thoughts

Sadness, anxiety and binge eating, what a great trio, they exist together plotting each others crimes and planning to smother my mind in multiple ways. They are like two sisters and one brother, without a mother and a father who are long time gone in a mystery blow. They cherish and nurture their diabolical and dysfunctional family by injecting sewage of demoralised thoughts into my veins feeding their parasitic bodies. I’m still alive but the trio posses the licence to kill, they strangle their victims with a twisted distinction developed over the years and practised on innocent prey. The are deeply ingrained in victims’ minds, each attempt of their extermination ends with spurting blood from the casualties brains. Remember if you want to win this battle embrace your inner- self, accept who you are and apprehend your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t cling onto your hope, self- imposed denial or perfectionism!!!! 


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