Life is real

Chicks…. Fluffy and innocent creatures. My school is taking part in a program called Living Eggs which has been in UK for the last 10 years. They hatched two days ago. Let me tell you something, life is tough for everyone, even for chicks. Fluffy fellas need to break the egg shell in order to come out but what happens if they get stuck? 💀💀💀 Anyway, all of the 10 chicks have been doing well but we need to give them back to the farm in one week time. 

IMG_6111           IMG_6089



3 thoughts on “Chicks 

  1. Love, love, love these photos — especially the b&w! We kept hens for six years, and it was both rewarding and heartbreaking. Such delicate creatures, so beautiful. I loved the sweet sounds they made and letting them wander about our yard (supervised!). I do miss them…!

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    1. Ohhh tell me about it!!! They are beautiful but fragile at the same time! I used to spent Summer holidays at my Grandmother’s. She’s had hens, ducks, otters, pigeons and many other animals. I truly miss it as I love being close to nature! It’s just simply relaxing.


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