Helga Von Anxiety

My eyes, Surreal thoughts

Helga Von Anxiety, that bitch has attacked me again. This time she decided to slur and blur my speech and drill a hole in my brain to make a new generation tunnel for my thoughts. She wanted them to travel even faster from one end to another- she was pleased to see that venomous products of my pointless contemplations had been moving with the speed of light. Oh no, Helga didn’t have enough, she slapped my pretty face twice as I started falling into the darkness she sucked out my will to live leaving me with a huge question mark inside my half drilled rotten brain with explosives on the edges.  I lay down in the swamp all by myself waiting for the torture to be over and all I wanted was someone to hold my hand and tell me-‘Everything is going to be ok.’ But all I had was an empty bag of Doritos and Henrik the Spider trying to make a living arrangement for Steve the cockroach. As I lay down covered in mud I realised I needed to get up due to my fucked up everyday obligations. I told Helga to get lost because I needed to live. She replied with a malicious smile – “See you soon bitch.” I stood up, cleaned myself and went back to pretend that all was ok. After some time my heart died with Helga Von Anxiety by my side and I became a heartless Zombie.


2 thoughts on “Helga Von Anxiety

  1. I know I don’t know you, and I don’t presume to know your trials, but I do wish that Helga makes a speedy and permanent exit from your life, that you find your true heart, and that your path through the swamp is illuminated to such an extent that should you ever find yourself there again, you have a sure-fire map to guide you out.

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