Miss Thumbelina

Surreal thoughts

I go to bed late at night. I’m shivering with cold. It’s strange because outside must be 666degrees. I get into my bed. The light is turned off. I drift into arms of unconsciousness putting  my overworked brain to rest. I dream about being in different places meeting childhood cartoon heros. I’m careless jumping from one petal onto another because I’m the size of Thumbelina. I see a lilly floating on the pond. I decide to get on it and fulfil a vision of freedom and recklessness. Nine toads come from the bush and gather around me. They push me. They throw twigs upon my hobbit like fury feet. They try really hard to make me trip over them. I shout at Ms Hare  who happens to be near by to help me. I jump onto her back and we hop and bounce over the rotted toad like slugs. I get off the hare and skip to the pond. I swim for a while and finally reach my lilly. Mission accomplished. 

The bipping sound of  the alarm clock wakes me up. It’s 6.00am. Work. Life. Death 



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