Rain & Storm

Precious Experiences

I have been exposed to so many situations throughout my life therefore I have experienced a mixture of both good and expired batter poured into my soul . It has made me happy but has also scarred me. What I’ve struggled the most with and what I’ve been working on is coping with ‘the exit’ and ‘the loss’ of  people who brought something positive into my life especially if the universe sent them to me almost effortlessly making it look as if all of  my life puzzle pieces were finally matching making sense to be lost again a moment later. I’m slowly learning to accept the presence, making most of it and not clinging to the past. It’s extremely hard but possible. 

Today, I’ve found this picture online and it has inspired me.


2 thoughts on “Rain & Storm

  1. Life may be a puzzle that we cannot make sense of in the moment. Maybe we could look at it as if through a kaleidoscope, instead, ever changing in color and pattern. This is my approach these days, but admittedly, this may change! Also, I, too, find the quote and photo you selected inspiring.

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    1. Thank you Carrie Birde! I do think sometimes its easier to just let things be without dwelling on them or on the past. Most of the things happen for a reason which tends to reveal itself at some point after occurences…


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