The Monster who has arrived late….

Life is real

The Monster who has arrived late is a disguised gentelman with a black old fashioned hat and a fancy moustache. He is very suave and sophisticated. His suit is crease free and well steamed without a moth reppeler whiff. What he does to souls on the planet Earth is cruel, yet in his twisted mind he considers himself to be a genius with a well structured thinking part. He strikes when victims who suffer from different forms of anxiety come to realization that they dealth with a challenging & extremely difficult happening that took place in their lives  with stoic attitude, composed mind and patience.Poor souls have a relapse feeling dissapointed & vulnerable. Well, they shouldn’t feel this way, the brain and nervous system in people  with anxiety and  stress disorders are more sensitive than others. I can compare this occurence  to overcharging  a very fragile device, emptying its battery and then expecting it to work as normal if not better. Self- care is crucial in conqering that suave and sophisticated monster  who can visit any of us. Active meditation and acknowledgement of the present moment will be helpful & healing.


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