Precious Experiences

I work with children. I encourage their independence and creativity. I help them in being imaginative and explorative. I teach them that simplicity and minimalism can be a dynamic way to success. Life changes its pace  if we teach children to look within themselves and express their ideas through media, role- play, art & craft or music activities. It encourages them to link existing emotions with their wellbeing transferring it in to their everyday actions. They do it automatically realising positive and negative vibes through play. It has soothing and thereuptic effect on children as it balances their emotional state. It’s visible in their behaviour which is neither erratic or hyperactive but consistent. 

1. Favourite characters from the stories made of mighty clay

2. The Three Billy Goats Gruff and a handsome Troll

3. The pretty Red Riding Hood

4. Forest Creatures made of potatoes

5. The Enchanted Woodland made of lost & found objects and natural resources

6. An interesting interpretation of Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles

7. The Globe Trotters made of recyclable materials 



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