A Simple Reminder

Motivational Blib Blob

As I walk I breath…. but how do I breath? Am I occupied with bombarding and tormenting thoughts? Is my mind tortured and afraid of the future? Do I keep asking myself

– what if………? 

Present moment is the only way of spiritual & personal freedom. What counts appears here and now. I’ve found myself so many times being calmed down and soothed by the healing power of nature. It doesn’t cost anything. It requires an effort of coming out of the crowded space in to the green/ brown/ grey sanctuary depends on the season. The healing beauty is around us it just needs to be noticed and acknowledged.



5 thoughts on “A Simple Reminder

    1. What I like Problematique86 is that you mentioned the importance of paying attention to nature. It’s about its appreciation and joy we receive from it in exchange of little bit time spent being surrounded by the greenery and various creatures.


    1. Thank you Carrie Birde for your kind words! It’s so true, we all need to stop and think for just a few moments what we are doing to nature and how we can stop the damage which has been done over the years or centuries.


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