Peace within my Soul

Precious Experiences

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m awaiting for the interview. For a highly sensitive person like me it’s a huge challenge because my brain rushes and processes milion thoughts and possibilities at the same time. It leaves me with a head which feels like a ticking bomb from the Bomberman. The factors that contribute to this state of mind are not only internal but also external. Fair enough for my brain to rush with thoughts like a speedy oyster running away from the coyote but on the top of that lovely chocolate layer of thoughts I have the whole external world and happenings bursting with joy and happily contributing  to my well being making it feel like a rollercoaster. 

How do I cope ?

I sit down, look and listen. I acknowledge the fact that I’m in the present moment. I can feel my feet touching the ground. I enjoy breathing in and out. I use my eyes to observe people and surroundings. I listen to their feet moving in a fast and steady pace, I can hear a piano playing tunes in the background. I’m one unique individual who cherishes the fact of being alive.

Peace & Love can conquer the bad and bring back the good. Fate & Universe is all we need. Active meditation is a powerful tool to heal and help to move forward even if you feel like the Bomberman 😊


2 thoughts on “Peace within my Soul

  1. My thoughts can race, too — a defense mechanism, trying to figure out possible outcomes that I must prepare myself for…but I have found that the thing I worry about and prepare for rarely happens; it is more often something I have not considered or anticipated at all! Your meditative approach sounds like a good one. I have been trying things similar — acknowledging the thought or anxiety, and trying to let it go; concentrating in stead on the here and now. Good luck to you! I hope the interview goes/went well! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Carrie Birde for your kind words! The interview went really well😊 The acknowledgement of the present moment is crucial in order to live a happy life! 😘


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