Anxiety and Depression

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Once upon a time a tiny Kung Fu Pea suffered from anxiety & depression. The only place he felt safe was his home. The fear of being rejected by others paralysed him to the point he minimised the interaction with the outside world to minimum. He felt worse than others, he didn’t value himself and his self-esteem reached the point below zero on the self- confidence meter. He’d spent his days being isolated, afraid, scared & sad but there was the inner voice inside him which kept telling him that he was worth much more than he thought  he was and that the real adventure would only begin if he made it happen. One day he woke up and ventured out. The Kung Fu Pea faced his demons and realised it wasn’t oh so terrifying, uncomfortable – yes but surely not terrifying. Everyday, he took small steps to heal his soul. It took him a while but with his determination he destroyed all the fears using a super power consisting of self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. He knew he wasn’t alone anymore. The inner-self saved his life. The inner-voice resides in all of us. It comfort us, motivate us and pushes us to go that extra mile even when the world crumbles apart. 😊😊😊


3 thoughts on “Anxiety and Depression

  1. It can be so difficult to rewrite the messages we have received from the outside world. We must surround ourselves with those who support us. And then, we can hopefully be brave, like Kung Fu Pea, and attain our fully realized selves 🙂

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