Life is real

Fight bravely for the freeedom of your inner-self . Build a fort and protect your soul from being devoured by anxiety & depression






Do not isolate yourself from the outside world because that will only create a false illusion of safety.


12 thoughts on “Fight

    1. Thank you inamessyworld !!! I also have anxiety. You know what I think? I think that it’s about tuning in with your inner-self and act accordingly to how you feel. It’s not about changing yourself completely to become a person who is always out there but to make yourself happy without forcing yourself excessively. Remember- small steps make a difference x

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      1. Yes!!! For a long time I thought I needed to change and try and be exactly like other people, because it seems to be so much easier for them – to those kinds of people who are always out there. I think to myself, why is it harder for me and not them??? We do just need to go at our own pace, accept how we are, learn to like ourselves, and take small steps =)

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      2. You are absolutely right inamessyworld, I went through that phase as well thinking how wonderful it would be if I was outgoing and wasn’t tired of too many people around me. What I always admired at extroverts was their ability to not dwell on things but you know what? They have feelings too and even though they don’t show that something bothers them it still may internally. I think the most important thing is to learn, love and accept yourself the way you are. Not everyone needs to like you but those who are are worth it x

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      3. Remember you are strong because you have been talking about your feelings and emotions openly inamessyworld and that takes courage !!! You are unique- embrace it and don’t be afraid of the future. Live in the present moment and embrace it. Do what pleases you and makes you feel good x

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