Bullied Soul

Life is real


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Poor and innocent teenage soul on the verge of suicide due to lack of acceptance. It’s a simple game – if you don’t fit in you loose. Brought up Christian, escaped neutral believer and remained scarred for life. Your brain is complex, if you are blessed with exceptional perception of the world then you are gifted and cursed at the same time. Why? Because you are considered to be a Highly Sensitive Person who is not understood or recognised by common society. You are spat at with labels: “Shy”, “Queit”, “Introvert” and all you want to scream is- ” Mind your fucking business, you self labelled all mighty extrovert.” You want to breath and be yourself but you find it very hard in this shallow and constantly preying for your mistakes world. You escape to God in fear or in a clearer state of mind to Inner- Self trying to…

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4 thoughts on “Bullied Soul

  1. People used to criticize me with the assessment, “You’re SOOOO sensitive”. I began to respond with, “No. You’re INsensitive.” However, both statements were true. These days, I appreciate my sensitivity.

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    1. I hate ‘labelling’ done by people to people. It’s so easy to utter
      a word without even looking at your own self 😊 You responded to those who criticized you in the right way Carrie Birde !!!


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