Body Image

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Body Image and its impact on your life.

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What we see in the mirror, what we feel like and how others visually perceive us differ.

Is everyone beautiful despite their looks? What about the beauty standards?

Everyone is unique, in my opinion, there is no ugly or less attractive in general. Obviously, everyone has their own preference in regards to the physical appearance. The concept of physical appearance has been distorted by media which imposed on you ‘an acceptable’ female and male body image. Social platforms are booming with pictures, mantras and affirmations which suppose to transform your life and help you to achieve the ultimate goal which is a perfect body. That perfect body is suppose to change your life, make you happy and fulfilled. This is pure delusion to me. You know why? Because first of all you are BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE the way you are. There is noone else like you in this world. It…

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4 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. I distinctly recall my grandmother’s comment to me when I was 16 and washing dishes — “You’ll never get a husband with chicken legs like those.” This, from a woman I thought supported me no matter what. Eventually, when she met my husband-to-be, she said that he “had chicken legs, too”! Different times? Gruff concern? I still loved my grandmother. However, we must become friends with ourselves, so that we can see the beauty in everyone else. ❤

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  2. I have met some of the most physically beautiful people but unfortunately their souls do not reflect this. And I don’t consider that beautiful. Its all about the soul! Thank you so much sharing this! 💖💖

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