Toxic Family and Pregnancy

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How can you stay sane when you deal with toxic family members?

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Where do I even begin?

How would you feel if your own mother didn’t respect you during pregnancy and was constantly jealous of your life? How would you feel if she made you feel guilty about ‘a better life’ ( according to her) because your brother is currently incarcerated for his own mistakes? How would you remain peaceful if she made you feel bad of the fact that other people were going to be involved more in looking after your baby daughter?

What if your therapist has opened your eyes by showing you that in fact you don’t have to entangle yourself in hours of meaningless, toxic and emotional conversation with your mother. They told you that she is an adult and it only depends on you if you allow her to mentally disturb you. If you contemplate on it you’ll assume that they are absolutely right. But there is…

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10 thoughts on “Toxic Family and Pregnancy

  1. you know my mother is also very difficult to deal with, I came from Cuba very young and she recently came after many years, she lives in my house for 3 years and I finally have to tell her after she receives her husband from Cuba that please move out of my home, I mean I love her , she is my mom but is very difficult, what can I do? hang in there dear, you have to learn to let go, that’s the best thing to do in those cases.

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    1. I understand your frustration and pain. You need to remember about one thing @zadi, your mother is an adult therefore you are not responsible for her. She should be able to sustain her needs independently.

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