18th September 2019

My eyes

What I feel?

Mental Health See-Saw

I wanted to wake up at 5am to exercise because 7 months after giving birth to P I still carry a kangaroo pouch or A TYRE😆 I’m questioning my mental wellbeing when it comes to my postpartum body. I thought I was fat before I was pregnant…





What do I look like now then? A raging hippopotamus? Surprisingly, most of the time, I accept my body and feel good in my own skin. Recently, I have started to struggle with my body image again…

Body positivity… here I come to find you ( again).

I stayed up late last night cleaning and finishing jobs around the house so my plan of being an early bird failed miserably and I ended up getting up at 6.30am and rushing around like a headless chicken.

Papa John had a migraine the night before and he didn’t inform me that…

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