19th September 2019

My eyes

Another day….

Mental Health See-Saw

I’m sitting on the sofa with our cat Mittens ( P loves him so much and he seems to appreciate extra attention from a little human being), our other cat Meg is asleep on our bed. She hibernates in our bedroom, she also likes to sit on Papa John’s face… I often ask myself if it’s a sign of affection or an attempt of strangulation ha, ha, ha.

Our day had started positively well, I skipped exercise because my rear end hurts. When you give birth you become prone to hemorrhoids. I didn’t struggle with it when I was pregnant but it seems to be a reoccurring issue these days. I suffer from anxiety which affects my ability to be objective about health at times. In the past, I had convinced myself that hemorrhoids was something serious and I was dying. Well, I’m still here and hemorrhoids hasn’t killed me…

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