Postpartum Body

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What is your postpartum body image? Do you love your body?

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I’m 8 months postpartum and I still have 1.5 stone to loose to be pre- pregnancy weight. I used to think that I was FAT before I got pregnant. During pregnancy I put on 5 stones. I’ve lost 3.5 stones since giving birth and I’m learning how to love my body and myself again. I’m learning that throughout my adult life I had let myself to be brainwashed which had let me to swaying from size to size like an animal in the tree. When I weighed 11 stones I hated myself, when I weighed 10 stones I wasn’t good enough and when I weighed 9 stones I literally hadn’t had any breast left and felt not feminine. I had jumped up to 12 stones ( I had eaten away stress at work) and I felt appalled with myself. I became pregnant and my weight spiralled to triumphing 17 stones…

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