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Let’s talk about working parents for a minute. I’m heart broken and angry with the lack of regulations which would force employers to have clear policies and procedures in place for parents/carers. There is THE law which provides working mothers and fathers with a handful of rights but it also gives employers freedom of misinterpreting and misusing them.
I’m a mother of a child who is not even 12 months old yet and whenever she is unwell I feel sick to my stomach. I worry about her and I also face the lack of empathy or understanding from my employer.
A workplace should be a reasonably friendly place where you are productive as a professional doing your best. It shouldn’t be a place where you go to solely earn money and face discrimination due to being a parent and needing some time off to look after your child. It’s bad…

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2 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. This is so true. And its a very sensitive issue today. Workplaces are just profit making spaces and consider human resource as machines producing work for them. Whoever is able to produce less work is seen unfit for the workplace. This is complete injustice and we need to speak about it…

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment @reflectingreminiscence !!! You are absolutely right, the topic of working parents or even people with mental health issues or disabilities is such a sensitive subject. There is not enough support, understanding & regulations which protect vulnerable employees. It fills me with anger and disappointment. It doesn’t matter how hard you had worked before, once you are in a vulnerable position you are treated unfairly by being made guilty of e.g. taking some time off to look after your child who is unwell.


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