Nature’s Calling

My eyes

My soul belongs to nature. There is nothing more mesmerising than beauty in its rawest form.


Autumn is Here !!!

My eyes

My heart is fully devoted to all four seasons equally welcoming them with open arms !!! Crispy, fresh, humid feel in the air of Autumn makes me feel alive.

Can you spot a frog?

5 Benefits of Having a Pet

My eyes

1. Your anxiety is reduced due to a calming effect of your furry friend.

2. You feel mentally stronger because you are responsible for that fluffy creature who counts on you.

3. Instead of contemplating about difficulties in your full of mental torment existence you spend time watching your pet enjoying every moment of their life and it fills your heart with instant joy.

4. You just can’t wait to cuddle with your pet and it seems that their warmth and energy reduces the anxiety level.

5. When you have a bad day and you need to get something out of your system there is always someone who will listen to you or will give you the look to make you understand that it’s time to put yourself together.