I Don’t Understand 

Life is real

There are many things which I can’t fully comprehend. For instance, I don’t understand people’s foolishness, violence and arrogance. How pathetic can you be to physically abuse any living creature?   How stupid can you be to pull out the gun and threat another human being with it?  Does it make you powerful and strong? OR Is it a safety net and some sort of aid for your rotting brain cells. Violence & cruelty is always a sign of weakness!!!  I am disgusted and angry that parasites like this are on the Earth. 



Precious Experiences

Insomnia happens when you are tired but your mind prevents you from sleeping. You lie down in bed for hours hoping to fall asleep yet you are not able to drift off into the sweet arms of lovable sweet state of hibernation. My advice is to …..fuck it- like this fella above. Just position yourself wherever you’ve  decided to sleep as comfortably as you can and wait for the sleep to come- you will eventually fall asleep and catch up with the lack of it during the following night. This works only for people who don’t  suffer from chronic insomnia and are not affected by major triggers which can caused a disturbed sleeping pattern ( medication, trauma etc.).

Dear Dxxx

Surreal thoughts

Dear Dxxx,

My heart and your organ hurt everyday, the willing to get rid of them is tempting. I’ve got an idea, let’s do it, let’s rip them off and bury them in the ashes so we will be able to transform ourselves into distinguishable ZOMBIES without an excess luggage of feelings and side effects of blood clots and heartaches.

You see, a double personality feels like being an actress who plays a role she never wanted. You live doing your best but a part of you is withering like a beautiful rose but yet you have enough strength to fight. Unfortunately, you don’t resemble a rosette but a bloody dandelion with thorns. You wish to propagate but instead you spread in all places leaving a little space for others to blossom, so very few people like you because you intimidate most of them with your yellow origins. I hope there would be another magical, dark, and happier place to reside but that dwelling doesn’t exist unless we build it from scratch away from the wasteful civilization in the sinister and shady forest.

Do you want to join me? Think about it and let me know.



The Jewel Lady

Surreal thoughts

Blood is dripping down the spine , no one can make it fine
People are gathering around this guy,
Who is going to be the MRS or MR Right?
A jewel lady, standing right in the corner with a cigar and a glass of ….. fermented grape mash, squashed with hardworking woman’s bare feet?
Or ……me?!
The Jewel lady won and has lived happily ever after with a dripping spine and I have ran away hiding in the cabin in the woods.