Mr Mittens Von Bob on Mangos

Funny Hell

Mr Mittens Von Bob has been thinking a lot. He still claims that he doesn’t know what happened to feathery bastards or Miss Chick Long Legs but he has few words to share with you all about MANGOS. Here we go…


Mr Mittens Von Bob-

‘ I had a friend – Michelle Von Smitten ( I took a photo of her against her will).  

She came over to my mansion with three suspiciously looking eggs. I was puzzled and dazzled by their beauty but appalled by their stench! It was such a pungent smell. At first, I acussed Michelle of blowing off- I said- Michelle you need to stop binging on pickled eggs because they make you pop! As much as you are dear to my heart I can’t stand the whiff of rotten cabbage entering my nostrils. Her reply was- What the fuck? I’m a self- proclaimed feminist and I can do whatever I want. I’m a liberated dog lady. I did not fart… the smell of gold you are sensing comes from these beauties ( she pointed at the golden eggs). I said- These are eggs…. are they pickled?! She answered-‘ They are MANGOS’ She went to cat- kitchen cupboard and opened it. She chose the biggest knife she could ever find and cut open three stinky eggs. I can’t remember what happened next as according to her I fainted and she needed to resuscitate me with my special catnip ( herbs and tobacco fellas). Since that moment my Lovers I hate MANGOS!!!!!!!!!


Yours truly best,

Mr Mittens Von Bob 


Attention !!!

The world


Fellow Souls and Lost Friends from the past beware of the fallen trees resembling forbidden freedom. Do not try to salvage them, leave them behind, and move forward heaving bags of experience and newly learnt lessons onto your shoulders. Take  quick but steady steps while leaping over rotten logs towards the exit. Light candles of bravery, courage , and self- appreciation cherishing happy moments with good people present in your lives.


Dear Dxxx

Surreal thoughts

Dear Dxxx,

My heart and your organ hurt everyday, the willing to get rid of them is tempting. I’ve got an idea, let’s do it, let’s rip them off and bury them in the ashes so we will be able to transform ourselves into distinguishable ZOMBIES without an excess luggage of feelings and side effects of blood clots and heartaches.

You see, a double personality feels like being an actress who plays a role she never wanted. You live doing your best but a part of you is withering like a beautiful rose but yet you have enough strength to fight. Unfortunately, you don’t resemble a rosette but a bloody dandelion with thorns. You wish to propagate but instead you spread in all places leaving a little space for others to blossom, so very few people like you because you intimidate most of them with your yellow origins. I hope there would be another magical, dark, and happier place to reside but that dwelling doesn’t exist unless we build it from scratch away from the wasteful civilization in the sinister and shady forest.

Do you want to join me? Think about it and let me know.



Children at School- Thoughts

The world

What I can’t stand is when children who have problems with conforming to the rules set at school are often left behind. I find it frustrating because I used to be in the similar position. I had been forced to sit down studying core subjects against my will, but if only someone had combined both- the compulsory material with my  big interest in music and art&craft, I feel like I would have “absorbed” material quicker without  rebelling so much.

Where I’m going with this…children’s interests and talents should be encouraged and developed because they are the future of this cruel world ruled by “greedy parasites”. Young people are unique individuals who deserve best from their lives. What saddens me is that in many state schools, there is not enough time to focus on children who need  “ an inventive and unconventional power push” in order to fascinate them with, for example, Maths; I myself remember this particular subject as a nightmare, I almost failed my final exams only because “my lovely teacher” had decided that there was no hope for me, being straightforward, that I was too stupid to comprehend algebra not mentioning fractions. I had become more anxious, I had cried a lot, started harming myself and isolating from others. My self- esteem spiralled down to the ground (I was only 16) and the world didn’t make any sense to me. When my English teacher noticed that there was something wrong with me she helped me, I begged her to not talk to the “Maths Monster” (I think she must have talked to that bitchy creature as it was her obligation to do it so), to make the long story short… My teacher helped me by looking at me as at individual, by listening to me, encouraging me and motivating me based on my strengths and weaknesses. She was the first person in my life who told me something which has stayed with me till this day: ” Remember, you can’t be good at everything , unless you are a flaming genius, always focus on your strengths and use them to conquer your weaknesses”, I use it as a motivation to get through the day, especially during difficult times.

I work in the primary school as a TA with 5 year old children, they are bundle of joy but I can already see that they are prone to different things. I have a mixture of unique human beings who are outgoing, shy, quiet, bubbly, mischievous, funny, clever, nervous, caring etc.
The weight of teaching the little and young ones of how to use their strengths to conquer the weaknesses lays on our shoulders….