Peaceful Madness

Mesmerising Beauty

I call this peaceful madness…. the fact my mind gets so much stimulation from beautiful surroundings.


Mr Mittens Von Bob on Mangos

Funny Hell

Mr Mittens Von Bob has been thinking a lot. He still claims that he doesn’t know what happened to feathery bastards or Miss Chick Long Legs but he has few words to share with you all about MANGOS. Here we go…


Mr Mittens Von Bob-

‘ I had a friend – Michelle Von Smitten ( I took a photo of her against her will).  

She came over to my mansion with three suspiciously looking eggs. I was puzzled and dazzled by their beauty but appalled by their stench! It was such a pungent smell. At first, I acussed Michelle of blowing off- I said- Michelle you need to stop binging on pickled eggs because they make you pop! As much as you are dear to my heart I can’t stand the whiff of rotten cabbage entering my nostrils. Her reply was- What the fuck? I’m a self- proclaimed feminist and I can do whatever I want. I’m a liberated dog lady. I did not fart… the smell of gold you are sensing comes from these beauties ( she pointed at the golden eggs). I said- These are eggs…. are they pickled?! She answered-‘ They are MANGOS’ She went to cat- kitchen cupboard and opened it. She chose the biggest knife she could ever find and cut open three stinky eggs. I can’t remember what happened next as according to her I fainted and she needed to resuscitate me with my special catnip ( herbs and tobacco fellas). Since that moment my Lovers I hate MANGOS!!!!!!!!!


Yours truly best,

Mr Mittens Von Bob 

A Little Devil

Surreal thoughts

A Litte Devil came over to his Mama’s house crying out loud and said- ‘Mama, why other creatures dislike me? They don’t know me but are quick to judge me by my appearance. I’m tired of feeling isolated and hiding my real self! I have only one friend who loves me for who I am!!!’ Little Devil’s Mama rolled her eyes at him and calmly explained- ‘ One best real friend is better than dozens brainless froglettes. Your only friend loves you for who you are deep inside therefore your friendship will evolve and flourish- it’s a long term wonderful occurence, please, cherish it together! In the future, you may stumble upon another lost soul who feels the same and who shall join you & your best friend in this lifetime adventure. Focus on the pisitivity and reject the negativity!’