Surreal thoughts

I believe the Inner-self protects us. It guards us and senses the danger in the negative energy thrown at us by others. It sounds very surrealistic but I have experienced it multiple times. I have met people who emanates the evil and thrives on others’ misfortune and unhappiness. Someone would say that it’s purely a defence mechanism and way of coping with  obstacles. It’s a logical explanation which from the psychological point of view makes a lot of sense. I’m a spiritual person. I like to call myself a happy hippy who rejects materialistic way of life and embraces the natural side of it. I have worked with a person who emanates the negative energy for three and half years. She claims to be a devoted Christian who is a creature without a flaw. She smiles at misfortune of others, wishes things to go wrong for them – especially if it means a good and positive outcome for her- benefits in any form. She always shares her troubles and worries and expects  compassion in return. I consider her to be an emotional parasite but from the spiritual & spiritual side I believe that my Inner-self fights whatever she throws at me. I have become immuned to paralysing toxicity. 


Life is real, My eyes

Angels, fallen and blessed are of the same kind, they choose their path slowly sketching so called fate which is just a result of life choices and coincidences. We are the creators of our inner selves sculpting the future therefore let’s not blame the God for misfortune but work towards self improvement.


Just a quote and a thought

Life is real

‘If you want to know who your friends are, get yourself a jail sentence.’

Charles Bukowski

Through my life I’ve ย had so many ‘lovely friends’ who would ‘verbally’ give and physically take. They would expect me to be there for them 24/7 to help and support them. Needless to say, when I needed a little favour they would suddenly become very absorbed in their pitiful lives. How do I deal with so called parasites? When I spot a potential parasite, I observe them and when my suspicions are confirmed I subtly distance myself from them living happily ever after in peace.


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