Motivational Blib Blob

Who doesn’t love to be in control? Most of the human population does. People like to feel in power & charge of their own destiny. When the reality begins to crumble the anxiety creeps in leaving them simply sad and lost. It’s very easy to talk about it but the challenge comes in the real life occurrences. Life is full surprises & obstacles. It’s impossible to change it but staying determined, motivated and sensible will help to approach the issue , alter & influence it in a way that it will be somehow beneficial for those who are affected.

Don’t allow yourself to give up, don’t stay idle but always strive to achieve your best.


Nutty Inside 

Motivational Blib Blob

Is it possible to crack a nut with the nutcracker even if its shell is solid hard?     If you keep trying you will be able to get into a deliciously nutritious inside. Same with the life goals, be determined and work hard. Don’t give up due to struggles and obstacles being thrown at you just keep going and you will get to your destination when the time is right 😉 

Rebel Inside You

Surreal thoughts

​The rebel inside you has woken up again. She travels through your veins nourishing your system with a dosage of excitement and soothing goodness. Nothing matters except you, your pain becomes visible but laughingly harmless. The grudges & regrets creep their way in but your crush their rotten skulls with a cross  in the middle filled with lies to million tiny pieces with one bash. You have become immune to the outside world. You look at the other people shallow actions, routines and worries. 

 Your tell yourself- So what? I don’t give a damn shit about anything that does not agree with me. I continue to live this life my way fully accepting it without time consuming wishful curse full time thinking. I’m grateful for what I have and I embrace it. Whatever is meant to be it will be.   

Miss Thumbelina

Surreal thoughts

I go to bed late at night. I’m shivering with cold. It’s strange because outside must be 666degrees. I get into my bed. The light is turned off. I drift into arms of unconsciousness putting  my overworked brain to rest. I dream about being in different places meeting childhood cartoon heros. I’m careless jumping from one petal onto another because I’m the size of Thumbelina. I see a lilly floating on the pond. I decide to get on it and fulfil a vision of freedom and recklessness. Nine toads come from the bush and gather around me. They push me. They throw twigs upon my hobbit like fury feet. They try really hard to make me trip over them. I shout at Ms Hare  who happens to be near by to help me. I jump onto her back and we hop and bounce over the rotted toad like slugs. I get off the hare and skip to the pond. I swim for a while and finally reach my lilly. Mission accomplished. 

The bipping sound of  the alarm clock wakes me up. It’s 6.00am. Work. Life. Death 


A Cat and a Dog

Life is real

A cat came to a dog with a guitar, it sat down and played a requiem. The dog asked the cat- ” Oh why are you playing such a sad piece?” The cat replied-” Fate is the idiocy of the fucked up existence. I am angry and hurt, I want to scream, bite, spit and chew this ungrateful destiny of lifeblood. I don’t want to pretend anymore as I have been betrayed in a sophisticated way.” The dog looked puzzled and intrigued by its answer, it took a piece of paper and wrote a note to go along with a requiem. It stopped the cat from pulling the strings and read it out loud- ” Dear Dead And Soul Wilted Cat Friend addicted to catnip, I  don’t believe in fate , I don’t believe in destiny but I believe in life and power of universe connected to our inner selves. It reside inside us, it needs to be remembered and taken care of in order to blossom. If you exist in harmony with your inner self you will lead complete, full of gratitude and appreciation life. The world will be trying to stab your back multiple times but you will keep going despite all the surrounding negativity trying to stay focused on your inner path.” 

The dog and cat shared extreme and profound understanding of the world and its unnatural forces. It was precious and rare to find so they took a good care of it by letting it blossom during 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000hours of conversations.