Am I in Love?

Surreal thoughts

Am I in love?


Is it easy? 



Because it’s mutual between two weird beings who are like two pieces of the jigsaw puzzles which match eachother in an interesting way.

How can you see your future together?

I can see myself growing old together & feeding the ducks in the local park along with running around with our grandchildren. 


My Love

Life is real

I don’t care If I say – ‘ I love you’ 1 milion times, if I could I would say it 1 billion times. I’m in love with you and I want to say it out loud. True love  happens rarely, it’s the most precious gift from the Universe. I want to cherish it, embrace it and take care of it with you. My heart is filled with joy every single day despite cannons falling down the sky ( it’s a natural occurence and is made of lovely  life happenings). I’m the luckiest woman in the whole world to have you as my man, my partner in life, my love, my lover. I love you  :*