The Wonderful Hell 

Life is real

The inner world of human nature is an unexplored land of the unknown. It’s like an open book which has been partially completed with few chapters missing. The existing chapters are constantly tweaked by new life occurrences and experiences.

 We learn, 

we live , 

we love, 

we pray,

we reject , 

and we die.

It’s that simple and obvious- I would say boring to the core but if we add a pinch of imagination, adventure in its simple but joyful  form, pure kindness and honesty deriving from our inner selves the world will become a magical land of wonderful surreal hell 🙂



My eyes

Wounded, battered , confused and spaced out human beings who are commonly called – ‘outcasts’ by healthy members of the society seek refuge in nature connecting with the universe waiting to be taken back.  Beautiful souls who have never meant to exist in this word are forced in to human bodies.

They are born 

They exist 

They learn 

They embrace the beauty of life in an exentric way not understood by specialists

They die 

They are free again.