Bleeding Imagination

Surreal thoughts

I find therapeutic to release the images from my imagination in order to stay sane. It helps me to relax, it also inspires me to remain creative.


The Dream 

Surreal thoughts

I’m gonna find a piece of charcoal to write my last letter before I commit suicide. 

I’ll track my long lost relatives to get to the bottom of my roots.
I’ll cross a  bridge infested with borers to be defeated by my fears.
I’ll be dancing in the rain with venomous banana spiders.
I’ll find a black bag with a newspaper inside with an obituary and attached picture of me in a tacky pink coat and trainers with straw laces, laying down in a plastic neon green coffin with popping lamps.
Oh wait…. So I’m already gone!!! Wow!!!
I’ll read out loud my obituary- ” Unloved and conquered by her selfishness, materialism and her own demons passed away in agony.”
Suddenly, I wake up drenched in sweat. It may have been just a dream but I refuse to become a lady in a pink tacky coat!!!