Peace within my Soul

Precious Experiences

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m awaiting for the interview. For a highly sensitive person like me it’s a huge challenge because my brain rushes and processes milion thoughts and possibilities at the same time. It leaves me with a head which feels like a ticking bomb from the Bomberman. The factors that contribute to this state of mind are not only internal but also external. Fair enough for my brain to rush with thoughts like a speedy oyster running away from the coyote but on the top of that lovely chocolate layer of thoughts I have the whole external world and happenings bursting with joy and happily contributing  to my well being making it feel like a rollercoaster. 

How do I cope ?

I sit down, look and listen. I acknowledge the fact that I’m in the present moment. I can feel my feet touching the ground. I enjoy breathing in and out. I use my eyes to observe people and surroundings. I listen to their feet moving in a fast and steady pace, I can hear a piano playing tunes in the background. I’m one unique individual who cherishes the fact of being alive.

Peace & Love can conquer the bad and bring back the good. Fate & Universe is all we need. Active meditation is a powerful tool to heal and help to move forward even if you feel like the Bomberman 😊



Life is real

Wisdom doesn’t come with age but with experiences. An old person can be foolish, dopey & bitter like a rusty metal bucket with a missing bottom and a fairly young human being with a humongous luggage of life experiences might appear as a creature who doesn’t go in to the idle state of existential hibernation but instead uses it as a guidance for a fulfilling journey in the present moment. 


Life is real

It takes courage to fullfill the duty of – taking responsibility for one’s own actions . Objectiveness and empathy are the key ingredients to saving someone’s life. Twisted and complicated situations often become untangled when the time is right. Thruthfulness helps. The law of the Universe is powerful and fair. The power of compassion appears in humbleness and modesty. Living in denial fills one’s heart will illusions and false hope hurting others even if it regards a mother and a son who commited a crime. 


Life is real

Happiness is not what we receive from others but what we do with ‘gifts’ from the Universe. These wonderful magical experiences enter our world as opportunities and occurrences which should be noticed, welcomed and cherished. 

Gratitude and positivity are guardians of the happiness. Without their presence our lives won’t fill with a long lasting and rich effect of fulfilment surrounding by  the positive energy. 

Rain & Storm

Precious Experiences

I have been exposed to so many situations throughout my life therefore I have experienced a mixture of both good and expired batter poured into my soul . It has made me happy but has also scarred me. What I’ve struggled the most with and what I’ve been working on is coping with ‘the exit’ and ‘the loss’ of  people who brought something positive into my life especially if the universe sent them to me almost effortlessly making it look as if all of  my life puzzle pieces were finally matching making sense to be lost again a moment later. I’m slowly learning to accept the presence, making most of it and not clinging to the past. It’s extremely hard but possible. 

Today, I’ve found this picture online and it has inspired me.


Precious Experiences

There is nothing worse than to comprehend  the betrayal of someone whom you trusted the most. Especially if you regarded that person to be your ‘soulmate’. You desperately  justify their behaviour  trying to explain it. You  link it to their imperfections , flaws,  problems or quirks. You don’t want to let go because you are scared of loosing them as human beings who brought light or happiness into your life especially if your existence had been under a thick layer of misfortune for a long time. 

When you realise that you can’t continue being ‘in the picture’ because it’s too hurtful for you… you leave… but it feels like a part of you died… The closest creature with whom you’ve had the strongest and the most intense connection and who have motivated you to reach for more has gone forever. 

You feel the physical pain inside you, it feels like your heart is cut and about to burst, your head explode and your stomach tear apart. Your throat tightens and you want to scream and cry at the same time. You have a floating thought inside your head of dying here & now to soothe the unbearable pain. You feel so scared, saddened, hurt and lost like a dog which was thrown out of the car to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere. 

What does your ‘ soulmate’ do? Do they suffer like you do? Or go about with their lives like nothing has happened? 

If you truly love someome nothing else matters therefore it’s very easy to loose  a sense of ‘self- worth’ and ‘self-care’ in the name of shared issues. 

Don’t be afraid to walk away if you have reached your limit and have understood the whole situation objectively. You have not been defeated, you’ve done your best out of your love, care and devotion. You’ve showed your ‘soulmate’ the real goodness that comes from love and that is a wonderful lesson for them which they may never understand. You protect your inner self by removing yourself from their life and moving on. If you wish them good it shows how humble and  pure your love has been and how strong you are as a person. 

Remember everything happens for a reason. You’ve learnt a lot from this journey  same as your ‘soulmate’. The difference is that you are aware of your newly acquired knowledge and they may never be.
Time heals wounds, you won’t forget it, it will sting but it will get better…. you will learn how to live with it. Life will enrich you with new experiences. 
You are amazing :*

Dead Inside

Life is real

Have you ever felt dead inside? Have you ever felt immune to emotions that move other people? I guess, it happens because you have experienced miscellaneous crap and suffered a lot. Certain situation don’t break you or disturb you.

 It works this way- you are being pushed on the floor (again), you realise that it has happened again, you get up, stand up straight and go (being hopeful).

The Wonderful Hell 

Life is real

The inner world of human nature is an unexplored land of the unknown. It’s like an open book which has been partially completed with few chapters missing. The existing chapters are constantly tweaked by new life occurrences and experiences.

 We learn, 

we live , 

we love, 

we pray,

we reject , 

and we die.

It’s that simple and obvious- I would say boring to the core but if we add a pinch of imagination, adventure in its simple but joyful  form, pure kindness and honesty deriving from our inner selves the world will become a magical land of wonderful surreal hell 🙂


Life is real

Fellow souls and lost friends from the past beware of fallen trees. 

They resemble forbidden freedom.

Don’t salvage them but leave them behind.

Heave the bag filled with new lessons onto your shoulder and set off free.

Cherish happy moments with good people present in your life.

Take steady steps leaping over the fallen trees.

You’ve found your long- waited freedom in the universe.