Bonnie’s Thoughts

Precious Experiences

Bonnie says- ‘ Dear People get outside, smell the air and feel the breeze, notice colours and various details in the surrounding environment. Most of all, ignore toxic and pathetic creatures who compensate their unhappiness & boredom with being overly curious about other people’s lives.’



My eyes

There is a green and flowery meadow in the middle of the forest where the creatures and animals reside. One hold the other and the entire group rely on each other until something goes terribly wrong. They open their mouths and spit the poisonous venom of mischievous gossips and speculations. Patting each other’s backs brings the long waited comfort filling the empty void of a burning desire to be accepted by the flock. Only few courageous members disagree to grin and bear and stand strong as wolves leaving remarkable footprints of their lives.