Reality of the Anxious Mind

Life is real

Anxious mind wonders and never stops. It’s up to me how I treat it and how I approach it. I tend to get annoyed at the fact that I always worry too much. I overanalyse different happenings in my life. I let my thoughts be and I block them from affecting my life as much as I can.

Don’t Give Up – It comes, it goes, sometimes its worse than other times but at the end of the day you will get over it.

Life is real

‘Don’t aim for big steps as that will only set you back. Focus on something small on move on from that. Every step forward is a big success and its okay to have the off day, we all do. But don’t lose sight of the goal.’
– Problematique86

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Samaritans – How we can Help

The talk of taking ones life has hit my senses more often than i can take. I feel for the families and friends of those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. What hurts the most is sometimes the simple question – Why? Why make those plans with me? Why leave me? Why didn’t i see this?

Truth is and it hurts the most to know that no one will ever know. People will say they were selfish for taking their own life but the reality of it is that they believed that the world was better of without them. They were not being selfish. They were hurting. They were blocked from happiness and anyone who calls it the easy way out does not understand the reality of living with a mental illness.

I once came close it being a statistic myself…

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Intrusive Thoughts

Precious Experiences

If you have ever suffered from anxiety, depression ( maybe both) or any other mental condition you will be able to relate to what I’m about to say.

Mental Health SeeSaw

Today, I would like to talk about intrusive thoughts.

If you have ever suffered from anxiety, depression ( maybe both) or any other mental condition you will be able to relate to what I’m about to say.

First, how would you define ‘intrusive thoughts’ ? Let me give you my definition of it. If it was possible to present intrusive thoughts in the physical form they would look like a tangled mayhem of cables (which you can see in the picture below). There are many cables and cords of different types all mixed together. They represent your thoughts about the past, present and future. As you may know, if you are under the attack of intrusive thoughts you may feel like you’re lacking of the clarity of reality. Most likely, you are experiencing the feeling of going insane. You are under this impression because your brain tries to process so…

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Anxiety and Depression

Motivational Blib Blob

Once upon a time a tiny Kung Fu Pea suffered from anxiety & depression. The only place he felt safe was his home. The fear of being rejected by others paralysed him to the point he minimised the interaction with the outside world to minimum. He felt worse than others, he didn’t value himself and his self-esteem reached the point below zero on the self- confidence meter. He’d spent his days being isolated, afraid, scared & sad but there was the inner voice inside him which kept telling him that he was worth much more than he thought  he was and that the real adventure would only begin if he made it happen. One day he woke up and ventured out. The Kung Fu Pea faced his demons and realised it wasn’t oh so terrifying, uncomfortable – yes but surely not terrifying. Everyday, he took small steps to heal his soul. It took him a while but with his determination he destroyed all the fears using a super power consisting of self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. He knew he wasn’t alone anymore. The inner-self saved his life. The inner-voice resides in all of us. It comfort us, motivate us and pushes us to go that extra mile even when the world crumbles apart. 😊😊😊