A ripped shredded soul

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When you have a ripped shredded soul take a piece of material made of hope and newly made plans, a needle that consists  of your abilities and existing realistic possibilities- make it work. Call your inner self , don’t let it rot in the middle of your bleeding heart. Resurect it and cherish your freed soul. Feed it with knowledge, passion, and self improvement. 


The Rusted Needle

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I’m sowing my brain with the rusted needle as it has been ripped to shreds. I’m unable to open my eyes because I’m scared of what I might see. I still have an image stuck in my head of people spitting at me hateful comments. It’s hard when you don’t resemble the beauty icon with flawless complexion and lengthy lower limbs. I can hear a ripple of laughter running through the surrounding me crowd. I’m scared of dying but at the same time I wish to be gone. The uncertainty of the afterlife is keeping me alive but for how long? I don’t want my dreams to fade into oblivion therefore I pledge to fight my demons until I fall apart from exhaustion.