Pre-emptive Strike of Sorrow


Struck by a pre- emptive strike of sorrow derived from anxiety & panic medley I shall stand proud and withstand the shallow tide.


You Can Do It

Precious Experiences

I have experienced something very interesting. I have dealt with and treated anxiety as my puppet for as long as I can remember. I had gone through multiple phases which always ended up with me having a mini breakdown over the side effects of an anxiety attack. Recently, everything has changed. Now, when my poor inner- self is struck with anxiety and I experience all sorts of symptoms including slurred speech I just go around my business and function as normal without dwelling on the fact of feeling like the utter & complete shit ūüėé

If I can do it you can do it too.

It’s Simple But Difficult

Motivational Blib Blob

When anxiety strikes look around and acknowledge the reality- use your eyes to look and ears to listen.

What can you see?

What can you hear?

Take a deep breath, consciously inhale and exhale. This simple action will help you to deliver precious oxygen to your brain and as a result of it you will be able to experience reduced symptoms of anxiety.


Precious Experiences

Today was rather difficult, not because something bad happened but because my brain decided not to cooperate with me and instead changed in to mushy porridge. It was very difficult for me to do anything I had planned for today. I think I coped well because I didn’t stay idle and I managed to follow my plans in a less productive way,meaning- I took it easy and followed my mighty instinct to slow down. 

The key to living with anxiety is to know your mind & body well. If you are able to pick up the signs and symptoms of an upcoming period or attack then it means you are a well trained warrior. The next step is to be able to move on past the attack in a non mentally harmful way. I had spent years emotionally beating myself up for  having a worse or post stressful reaction day ( sometimes it lasts 2- 3 days) but I stopped when I realised I was only slowing down the recovery process. I try to keep active and busy as much as I can, when I have a worse day I simply hit the breaks  but I still get few planned things done. 

Listen to your body & mind, be in tune with it and most of all don’t reject your inner-self because this is where you get the warning signals from of an upcoming panic or anxiety episode. Live your life to the fullest and treat your mental condition as a special addition. I call mine – a partner for life ūüėČ

The Monster who has arrived late….

Life is real

The Monster who has arrived late is a disguised gentelman with a black old fashioned hat and a fancy moustache. He is very suave and sophisticated. His suit is crease free and well steamed without a moth reppeler whiff. What he does to souls on the planet Earth is cruel, yet in his twisted mind he considers himself to be a genius with a well structured thinking part. He strikes when victims who suffer from different forms of anxiety come to realization that they dealth with a challenging & extremely difficult happening that took place in their lives  with stoic attitude, composed mind and patience.Poor souls have a relapse feeling dissapointed & vulnerable. Well, they shouldn’t feel this way, the brain and nervous system in people  with anxiety and  stress disorders are more sensitive than others. I can compare this occurence  to overcharging  a very fragile device, emptying its battery and then expecting it to work as normal if not better. Self- care is crucial in conqering that suave and sophisticated monster  who can visit any of us. Active meditation and acknowledgement of the present moment will be helpful & healing.

A Crimson Razor Blade

Surreal thoughts


In my dream, I was attached to a crimson razor blade, I had used it to commit suicide in order to get into purgatory to hang out with my relatives and friends. Each time,  I had miraculously resurrected  my remains from the dead by running away from the light in the tunnel. I had  also worked with my dear sharp friend to relieve the anger and fear. I must admit, it was very easy to use, a little malicious bastard knew how to kill the pain instantly through breaking the surface of skin tissue, going straight to the core of a problem.

What happened to the blood, it must have spurted all over the place? ¬†‘No’, the manipulative moron replied- ‘Your blood was¬†drained off to avoid any unnecessary mess in my decaying shed. You have become an obedient creature who is going to live under my conditions….’

I don’t know, I start to panic,

What to do?

What to do? Mum, help me?

I wake up drenched in sweat. Am I afraid of mental pain which never goes away, solitude, or eternal unhappiness?

I pledge to flout convention, reject tradition, and dwell in my own world.