Bonnie’s Thoughts

Precious Experiences

Bonnie says- ‘ Dear People get outside, smell the air and feel the breeze, notice colours and various details in the surrounding environment. Most of all, ignore toxic and pathetic creatures who compensate their unhappiness & boredom with being overly curious about other people’s lives.’


Life is real

When you fall apart, pick up the broken pieces, clean up, take your time to heal and move on. Life goes on so are you & your Inner- Self. 

Remember, don’t rush… give yourself enough time to recover- 1 day, 1 week, 1 month , 1 year… Being hurt, loosing someone who was your partner or a family member, having a broken heart due to abandonment, loosing a job  or simply falling into a whirlpool of depression caused by the pressure of modern life have one thing in common- the need of time to heal. 

You are wonderful human being and even though it may not seem like it right now…life will get better as constant is only change 😊 Don’t give up and talk out loud about your feelings and emotions. 

I’m here to listen.  

Boris- Mental Health- Important 

Precious Experiences

This is Boris 

A male cat who is strong & resilient. He was found under the bridge 14 years ago. He was weak, bruised, injured & scared. It took him a while to heal but in the end he took a major step and began to gradually build a relationship with us based on trust & love. It seems that he left his dark past behind and started a new life. We all could learn from him. I know life injures and scars us but it’s never to late to start AGAIN AND BE FULFILLED!!! 

There are three steps to do that:

1. Realisation of the negative experience and its impact on our lives .

2. Acceptance of the negative experience and the beggining of living our life ‘HERE & NOW ‘ – the importance of being in the present moment and embracing the wonderful visual, verbal & physical things of the surrounding world while focusing on the nature and meditation.

3. Practising living in the present moment and welcoming new life experiences. 

Please be aware that it’s impossible to erase the past. The key to forgiveness is acceptance and self-care. In order to heal emotional and mental wounds we must look after ourselves. It’s not about justifying wrong actions of those who have hurt us but its about solely focusing on ourselves and staying away from toxicity of our perpetrators. We are all unique and special. We deserve respect. 

If you have suicidal thoughts or if you are a victim of bullying, domestic mental & physical abuse, neglect, rape or any other kind mistreatment please don’t be afraid to share your pain & sadness. Life is beautiful full of surprises.

Remember you are a unique human being 😊

A Little Devil

Surreal thoughts

A Litte Devil came over to his Mama’s house crying out loud and said- ‘Mama, why other creatures dislike me? They don’t know me but are quick to judge me by my appearance. I’m tired of feeling isolated and hiding my real self! I have only one friend who loves me for who I am!!!’ Little Devil’s Mama rolled her eyes at him and calmly explained- ‘ One best real friend is better than dozens brainless froglettes. Your only friend loves you for who you are deep inside therefore your friendship will evolve and flourish- it’s a long term wonderful occurence, please, cherish it together! In the future, you may stumble upon another lost soul who feels the same and who shall join you & your best friend in this lifetime adventure. Focus on the pisitivity and reject the negativity!’

A Cat and a Dog

Life is real

A cat came to a dog with a guitar, it sat down and played a requiem. The dog asked the cat- ” Oh why are you playing such a sad piece?” The cat replied-” Fate is the idiocy of the fucked up existence. I am angry and hurt, I want to scream, bite, spit and chew this ungrateful destiny of lifeblood. I don’t want to pretend anymore as I have been betrayed in a sophisticated way.” The dog looked puzzled and intrigued by its answer, it took a piece of paper and wrote a note to go along with a requiem. It stopped the cat from pulling the strings and read it out loud- ” Dear Dead And Soul Wilted Cat Friend addicted to catnip, I  don’t believe in fate , I don’t believe in destiny but I believe in life and power of universe connected to our inner selves. It reside inside us, it needs to be remembered and taken care of in order to blossom. If you exist in harmony with your inner self you will lead complete, full of gratitude and appreciation life. The world will be trying to stab your back multiple times but you will keep going despite all the surrounding negativity trying to stay focused on your inner path.” 

The dog and cat shared extreme and profound understanding of the world and its unnatural forces. It was precious and rare to find so they took a good care of it by letting it blossom during 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000hours of conversations.