A Reminder of the Day

Motivational Blib Blob

Don’t let other people ( even your family) to diminish your value. Stay strong and assertive in the reality created by you.


Dear Mother

Surreal thoughts

Rotten flesh that was left behind my deluded soul. Open wounds and neverending grief courtesy of mental paranormal activities. Unscattered exposed brain presented to the world in the most mesmerising way.

Don’t laugh at me.

Leave me alone.

You don’t understand me.

Don’t change me.

You’ve failed to do it mother.

Rage. Sadness. Anger. Why can’t you understand me? Perhaps you are trapped in your own world while feeding of others like a fucking parasite. Compensating me for your self-appaling ignorance materialisticly won’t console your guilty conscience.

Don’t laught at me.

Don’t ignore me.

Leave me alone.

Let me breath.

You don’t understand me.

Don’t change me.

You’ve failed to do it mother.

Surrounded by demonic potency of the Inner-Self I reach the Garden of Eden. I skipped the Purgatory.


Such an incessant matter of you being constantly unlucky and dissapointed in your own existence. I acquired freedom from my sins.

Don’t laugh at me.

Don’t ignore me.

Leave me alone.

Let me breath.

You don’t understand me.

You’ve failed to do it mother.

I won’t return your love because you were frozen when I needed you the most.

Demanding Innocence?

Life is real

An emotionally moving journey called

Mental Health See-Saw

Violence and intrusion

A Moment of Confusion

This is the moment i feared

My Cry, you cannot hear


A hold you had on me

A firm and fearful grasp

You coward behind me

Beneath your dark, black mask


The others you saw

They wanted to run

My heart pumping away

I felt weak, like a dying sun


We still could not move it

We had to go back again

Your black shroud, controlling

Hurting, fellow men


Possessed by urge

You reached your point

Again you wanted me

Again you urged me

Again you killed me


The door was open

You grabbed the prize

I lie there, such horror have I seen

I wait there, for my cries to be heard

I stay there for days, haunted by you


I want to leave…..

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Live Updates

When you move house everything feels up-side-down. There a boxes everywhere together with a newly adopted cat… Farah Von Mittens. It’s beautifully challenging but we’ve done great as a team with a newly added male feline. Our love is based on respect and mutual understanding which makes us both happy. Tomorrow is going to be another day of unpacking & decorating.

Bonnie’s Golden Thoughts

The world

Bonnie says- ‘Be proud of who you are – you great & complicated human creature. Don’t ever let anyone to patronize you or disrespect you. If someone does it to you try your best to remove yourself from the toxic interaction. Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t let your thoughts to devour your healthy mind. Share your feelings and never dwell on your problems alone!!!’

Ms Beetle & Mr Mittens are Goldilocks Exterminators

Surreal thoughts


This is what word looks like from Ms Bettle and Mr Mittens’ point of view. Ms Bettle is of a female hormonal kind. She lives in the cosy spot with Mr Mittens somewhere in the middle of the meadow in the big city surrounded by parks. They both enjoy soft tunes of the wind, breezy mornings and neighbours of different species- one of them is called Tony, a giant goose who drops everything he tries to carry with the loud- BANG & BOOM. They both admire nature and speak softly about the existence. They both suffer from  flactulence from over frequent consumption of dairy. She is a little philosopher who doesn’t give a fuck about the materialistic world but appreciates simplicity and surrealism which is present in everyday life.  He is unique himself with wild & sarcastic sense of humour. He is intelligent and bases his contemplations and thoughts on scientific and everyday life knowledge. Ms Bettle & Mr Mittens complete eachother and complement eachother’s quirks and super-special powers.