Lee Hull Live in Cambridge (United Kingdom)

The world

A very unique artistic approach by a person who cares about the music and aims to share his experiences with the audience. He wants to influence others to stay optimistic no matter what life throws at them and encourage those who struggle with mental health issues to not loose their  hope in the life long journey. He has a very humble & down to earth approach to his music. 






Life is real, Surreal thoughts

Loneliness the unpleasant feeling of being left out and misunderstood. It drills a deep hole inside your heart leaving a hollow space which will never heal but scar within the passing time. Each year the hole gets deeper and sorer leaving you in peace.You adjust accordingly to the existing situation making plans and keeping yourself occupied at all times. You feel obliged to do that as this is the only thing that keeps you from acquiring a title of ‘The Mighty Looser’. You stop hoping for the best because life is a joke and it seems like it loves teasing you by shattering your dreams, kicking your wishes and slapping your will to live. You become prepare for the worst. In this way, you feel protected as what else can happen to you? Death? Well, that actually would be a relief. Life goes on same as pain, their companionship is strong as a rock and will never be broken.