Self- Confidence

Life is real

Self- Confidence might be artificial disguising insecurities and fears. It can also be manipulative and toxically soothing when an individual uses it to compensate themselves for their issues. It’s toxic because it affects others around them. Healthy self- confidence derives from inner-self which consists  of self- worth, self- belief, empathy and compassion. Healthy self- confidence resides in the present moment and rejects uncertainties of the past and future. 


The Frog

Surreal thoughts

Life is like a crazy frog bouncing ,spinning around, falling down, bruising himself and then raising up again… But after a while, the green creature being fed up with his misfortune caused by the endless accidents takes a break.
He is being careful living a peaceful and sensible life for a short while (remembering his experience) till he passes by a tempting pond… Guess what, he jumps into its depths , swims in the deep dark water, begins to drown, but luckily goes up on to the surface….
The frog looks confused, he feels light- headed
but excited about his fate as life is full of surprises.