Life is real

Speak wisely, don’t let your words to become a shambolic sewage waste coming out of your own mouth.


Pre-emptive Strike of Sorrow


Struck by a pre- emptive strike of sorrow derived from anxiety & panic medley I shall stand proud and withstand the shallow tide.

Wildness of your Soul

Motivational Blib Blob

Modern world, matters, problems and society often suffocate our souls. Don’t let it occur, no matter what remain yourself and reject everything which does not agree with you. You don’t need to please others nor others have to please you. Let your soul shine with all of your wonderful qualities 😎😎😎

The Sea Of Tranquility 

Surreal thoughts

The emptiness grows and expands inside the empty house of solitude. Something is slowly withering inside it. Memories are attempting to find a place to rest. Don’t cry but feel my presence my dear lost and cursed soul. Sense me, feel my pain and taste my sorrow. Join me in death. Let’s dance together in eternity surrounded by thick black walls. Maybe we will find our way out into the sea of tranquility.