Twisted Soul

Surreal thoughts

My mind holds so many twisted pictures. I adore to release them because it makes me realise how special and unique my mind is. Someone would call it insanity… I call it therapeutic reality 😊


Pre-emptive Strike of Sorrow


Struck by a pre- emptive strike of sorrow derived from anxiety & panic medley I shall stand proud and withstand the shallow tide.

Little Bib and the Flower Stalk

Surreal thoughts

The little Bib climbed up the flower stalk and saw a big giant eating cheesy, crunchy and frozen cookie socks. He snatched them from the giant and ran down the green plant stalk. The little Bib went back into his house and ground the cookie socks in to colourful dust. He felt extremely tired but he still decided to climb back up the flower stalk. When he reached the top he sprinkled the dust all over the plant. The flowers changed their colours and became  brighter and more vivid. Petals were shiny , soft pink and beaming blue. The funny occurrence scared the giant, who had suffered from indigestion, and as a result of that he sadly exploded. His remains turned into compost and fertilised the surrounding forest. The little Bib lived happily ever after with a beautiful plant by his house.