Surreal thoughts

I believe the Inner-self protects us. It guards us and senses the danger in the negative energy thrown at us by others. It sounds very surrealistic but I have experienced it multiple times. I have met people who emanates the evil and thrives on others’ misfortune and unhappiness. Someone would say that it’s purely a defence mechanism and way of coping with  obstacles. It’s a logical explanation which from the psychological point of view makes a lot of sense. I’m a spiritual person. I like to call myself a happy hippy who rejects materialistic way of life and embraces the natural side of it. I have worked with a person who emanates the negative energy for three and half years. She claims to be a devoted Christian who is a creature without a flaw. She smiles at misfortune of others, wishes things to go wrong for them – especially if it means a good and positive outcome for her- benefits in any form. She always shares her troubles and worries and expects  compassion in return. I consider her to be an emotional parasite but from the spiritual & spiritual side I believe that my Inner-self fights whatever she throws at me. I have become immuned to paralysing toxicity. 

Snowy Winter with Mr Mittens Von Bob

Funny Hell

Once upon time Mr Mittens Von Bob was friends with all kinds of birds in his twisted mind. He joyfully  decided to visit his cousins- flying bastards by the bird feeder which was 10 metres away from a place he’d resided for years.

He packed his suitcase meticulously and took 10 minutes to actively meditate about his existence. 

He completed his brain awakening contemplations and said goodbyes to Miss Spotty Vajaj.

Mr Mittens Von Bob left the mansion carrying an enormous suitcase on his tiny back stuffed with muscles. He was helped by Henrik the friendly neighbour who used his super power hairy legs to please Mittens and make him feel purrrrrrrrrrrrr- gooodilicious.

After 10 minutes Mr Mittens Von Bob was out and about greeting his lively and non suspicious cousins… 

Something happenend, chirping and squeaking was heard, doomed silence creeped in to the village of the Shallow Pleasure. Mr Mittens Von Bob returned after 20 minutes and was awfully pleased with himself… 

Birds dissapeared… 

Miss Chick long legs also went missing…. 

If you have any information about missing featherly bastards please call : 666 666 666. You will be rewarded and blessed by the nature. 



Life is real, Surreal thoughts

Loneliness the unpleasant feeling of being left out and misunderstood. It drills a deep hole inside your heart leaving a hollow space which will never heal but scar within the passing time. Each year the hole gets deeper and sorer leaving you in peace.You adjust accordingly to the existing situation making plans and keeping yourself occupied at all times. You feel obliged to do that as this is the only thing that keeps you from acquiring a title of ‘The Mighty Looser’. You stop hoping for the best because life is a joke and it seems like it loves teasing you by shattering your dreams, kicking your wishes and slapping your will to live. You become prepare for the worst. In this way, you feel protected as what else can happen to you? Death? Well, that actually would be a relief. Life goes on same as pain, their companionship is strong as a rock and will never be broken. 


A Crimson Razor Blade

Surreal thoughts


In my dream, I was attached to a crimson razor blade, I had used it to commit suicide in order to get into purgatory to hang out with my relatives and friends. Each time,  I had miraculously resurrected  my remains from the dead by running away from the light in the tunnel. I had  also worked with my dear sharp friend to relieve the anger and fear. I must admit, it was very easy to use, a little malicious bastard knew how to kill the pain instantly through breaking the surface of skin tissue, going straight to the core of a problem.

What happened to the blood, it must have spurted all over the place?  ‘No’, the manipulative moron replied- ‘Your blood was drained off to avoid any unnecessary mess in my decaying shed. You have become an obedient creature who is going to live under my conditions….’

I don’t know, I start to panic,

What to do?

What to do? Mum, help me?

I wake up drenched in sweat. Am I afraid of mental pain which never goes away, solitude, or eternal unhappiness?

I pledge to flout convention, reject tradition, and dwell in my own world.

The Journey

Surreal thoughts

Stained fingers by leaking black treacly ink. Disappointment and confusion caused by an empty pen. Ink dries like varnish on the steep stairs making it easy to reach the top without hardships of life.  

Young, exuberant and fearless me… I enjoy every second of glory paired with admiration from others.

I’m surrounded by loving “ticks”, I’ve forgotten FELLOW SOULS, and abandoned them mercilessly. What a fool of me?!

Thankful to the CREATOR, I express eternal gratitude for my superior life – I’m finally living my dream!!!

Suddenly, my heart slowly stops beating, I try screaming but what comes out is a squeaky sound. 
I fall down, down to the bottom of the shiny almost newly ink coated stairs. I crack my skull open, I drown in a pool my own blood gasping for air. 

FELLOW SOULS appear hearing my yelping. They pick up my lifeless corpse gazing at it with pity.

Oh Lord… Bless them as they take a good care in the name of old times.