Twisted Soul

Surreal thoughts

My mind holds so many twisted pictures. I adore to release them because it makes me realise how special and unique my mind is. Someone would call it insanity… I call it therapeutic reality 😊


System of Down to the Ground

The world

The modern world reminds me of a cosmetic surgery or multiple cosmetic enhancements that have gone wrong. Justice doesn’t exist anymore or perhaps has never existed. People who are in power break human rights and promote hatred together with ethnic inequality. Media constantly fuels negative feelings by presenting the distorted news. The problem is that the media reports  are the only educational source of the information for some people. Many citizens based their knowledge on the news without fully researching the topic. I’m not a fan of the anarchy but the current democracy resembles dictatorship. And it’s not even a rein of terror by the book but pure manipulation and brainwashing innocent people into a belief of being part of a patriotic system which does good to its own members. But it’s all about the money and status between the world leaders. Has ever been different? I don’t think so. The methods and tactics have changed but the aim of the game 






Coming to an end of my thinking milkshake I would like to say that it’s important to voice our believes and live the way we want to exist. Small communities which promote the truth and consist of families , couples, partners and friends are crucial as they bring little bit of sanity into this sickening and flesh rotting world.





Lack of Justice- Tragedy

Surreal thoughts, The world

People, innocent human beings, among them children, all of them living their lives, having commitments, dreams and plans… They don’t know they are going nowhere, in a split second,
everything ends and suffering begins; on the other side are awaiting for the news troubled faces, torn and broken hearts, souls who have just lost the purpose of life…

R.I.P. Dear People & Little Angels

May all these malicious and greedy beasts with blood on their disformed hands pay for everything they have caused!!!