Where is Friday?

Surreal thoughts

Here I am again….

I am stuck at work.

I keep thinking about Friday because I’m convinced that the mighty Creator of the Universe has lost it or at least misplaced it. I’m talking gibberish but why oh why the weekend doesn’t last three days instead of two. Two days are nothing – you can’t even go to explore the surrounding territory because you are overloaded with chores.

Oh my sweet life and its straining routine there is still some mesmerising beauty in you which won’t vanish in distant time.

Routine is good, it keeps us organised and sane to some extent – ha ha ha โ˜บ


Bonnie’s Golden Thoughts

The world

Bonnie says- ‘Be proud of who you are – you great & complicated human creature. Don’t ever let anyone to patronize you or disrespect you. If someone does it to you try your best to remove yourself from the toxic interaction. Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t let your thoughts to devour your healthy mind. Share your feelings and never dwell on your problems alone!!!’

Are You Busy Enough?

Motivational Blib Blob

Are you a busy bumblebee living your life to its fullest potential? 

Below are two helpful starterts which may help you to find the answer based on the thoughtful contemplation. 

If you always do your best, stay active, catch the opportunities thrown at you, get up and go despite various problems , see the half-empty glass as half-full  and embrace you existence being happy with most of the aspects of it then the answer is yes.

If you constantly complain, wait for better times to come, stay idle despite the world waiting for you with open arms and run away from problems instead of dealing with them then the answer is no.

The choice is yours!!! Remember we are not immortal and time flies by ๐Ÿ˜Š

Looking for a Job

Motivational Blib Blob

Bonnie said-” Girl, don’t give up, look for a new and challenging role which will stimulate your brain cells and help you to climb up the career ladder. Surely, you will meet few TIME WASTERS who will take your precious time to interview you, tell you how competent you are and then choose someone else who may want less wage or simply posses more skills than you together with being more qualified. You are unique, skilled, experienced and qualified yourself. Let your uniqueness shine and allow time for the right employer to notice it. You deserve the best. 

Bonnie about my Job

Life is real

 Bonnie  sensed me worrying about work and told me in a polite way:

-” Girl keep your guts together and stop thinking about work and a toxic creature in there. She is sad and selfish. Remember people who try to influence you in a negative way are often unhappy with themselves so they try to transfer their negative energy on to you. Don’t let them win, know your rights, live your life and enjoy the sunshine! Wufff, wuff” ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

Miss Thumbelina

Surreal thoughts

I go to bed late at night. I’m shivering with cold. It’s strange because outside must be 666degrees. I get into my bed. The light is turned off. I drift into arms of unconsciousness putting  my overworked brain to rest. I dream about being in different places meeting childhood cartoon heros. I’m careless jumping from one petal onto another because I’m the size of Thumbelina. I see a lilly floating on the pond. I decide to get on it and fulfil a vision of freedom and recklessness. Nine toads come from the bush and gather around me. They push me. They throw twigs upon my hobbit like fury feet. They try really hard to make me trip over them. I shout at Ms Hare  who happens to be near by to help me. I jump onto her back and we hop and bounce over the rotted toad like slugs. I get off the hare and skip to the pond. I swim for a while and finally reach my lilly. Mission accomplished. 

The bipping sound of  the alarm clock wakes me up. It’s 6.00am. Work. Life. Death 


My miserable time at work…

Life is real

Sometimes, my brain “feels like porridge”, I swear it does, however ridiculous it sounds. “Porridge brain” happens when to many things occupy my world, when personal problems and dilemmas gather together, when lovely and dear people who are above me at work cause me to scream internally (they just love the moments of making other people’s lives miserable), and on the top of that my laptop passed away…. R.I.P.

Coming back to the topic of work…