The Cave

Life is real

I was taken away against my will. I was dragged  into the cave made of black thoughts and sorrow by my arch enemy. I was tortured with ice cold water and whips to give up happiness and embrace the emptiness which resides in the land of depression. My head was stuffed with evil dreams and the words  of death were put into my mouth. I  was coughing blood as my throat was wounded. My heart was pierced with a pointed wooden twig. It was worse than a cut open throat. I felt more pain and disappointment in my self because I let that mother of devil to rule my fallen world again.  I had been a hostage for two long days and nights. I freed myself. I used all of my remaining energy to leave my rotten body. I focused on the presence. I discovered, to my dismay, that it was me who decided to visit that evil cow. 



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